Choose bespoke tailoring for a high-quality, fully customizable finish which will expertly fit the wearer and give the nod to their personality. Bespoke garments are custom made from scratch to your exact specifications. Opting for bespoke tailoring is the unparalleled personal tailoring solution. A bespoke garment is completely unique, combining traditional techniques with modern fabrics and styling. It is a chance to commission a garment to fully reflect your personality, fit your figure comfortably, with each measurement being exact to flatter your body.

A bespoke investment could be a statement of your wardrobe for many years. With the work of our expert tailor, we will work with you to craft the perfect fit for your frame, taking multiple precise measurements to ensure the final piece is stylish, comfortable, and tailored to your exact specifications.

Bespoke garments are unique with every order. We cut from a drafted piece of fabric, a pattern from scratch to match each individual wearer’s exact specifications. Bespoke tailoring is a truly personal experience for each client. Our master tailor will take measurements including shoulder slope and arch of the back to expertly match your natural figure to the right, comfortable fit, personality nod and weight of cloth to suit your specifications.

The tailor will make notes of each measurement and draw a new pattern from these numbers, quietly observing your posture, giving you confidence that you’re in expert hands. Once the decision of which cloth and colour will be used, the cutter will begin work.

Many hours, hand-stitches and details are required to create a bespoke piece of clothing – near-perfection cannot be rushed, as plenty of time and care is taken to ensure your garment is gratifying and tailored to your exact needs. It is expected that the process could take three to four fittings before the precise fit is found, and the garments hang, feel, and fit perfectly – allowing extra time for any adjustments.

Once the client and the tailor are mutually satisfied with the final piece, the wearer will be free to take the bespoke garment away and enjoy the craftsmanship for whichever purpose it was intended.