Made To Measure

Choose our made-to-measure services for a professional attire that’s well-fitting and reflecting of your own personal style. Made-to-measure offers a more affordable alternative to bespoke tailoring, opting to cut from an existing pattern, and then adjusting it to the wearer’s personal specifications.

We offer a high quality piece of clothing cut from a range of dashing fabrics, ensuring you always receive the best possible service. Made-to-measure is particularly advantageous for people with varying body shapes than the average wearer, as well as customers who are time-constrained. Each made-to-measure piece will warrant personal attention from our master tailor, who will liaise with you at every opportunity, including measurements and styles of cloth, in order to provide you with the wardrobe that fits your style, matches your vision, and inspires confidence in the wearer.

Every wardrobe, professional suit, wedding outfit or special occasion piece demands more than a standard off-the-peg cut. Our tailor will collaborate with you to ensure that you receive the best quality, fit-for-purpose garment that you have been envisioning. Choose made-to-measure for an affordable solution to your tailoring needs, and make that perfect piece of clothing the paramount statement of your wardrobe.

Ideal for customers who are restricted by time or non-average body shapes, made-to-measure offers the customization options suitable to perfect the life-necessity of a professionally tailored piece of clothing, while ensuring each made-to-measure order is purposeful, well-fitting, and reflects the wearer’s unique measurements.

From the moment you make your choice to invest in a made-to-measure piece, you will be given personal attention from a tailor who will record measurements and provide you with opportunities to choose from many available weights and styles of cloth, in addition to trimmings, and any custom details per the wearer’s specifications – this includes pocket types, lining and buttons.

A made-to-measure garment can be adjusted during the time of the fitting, resulting in a shorter manufacture time. This makes it the ideal alternative to the lengthy and costly process of bespoke tailoring, and a modern approach to creating a cost-effective, efficient and well-cut piece of clothing without sacrificing quality.